TreesDurham‘s mission is to maintain a 50% tree canopy cover across Durham City/County while creating a socially just, healthy and sustainable tree canopy. Trees provide us essential benefits, from cleaning our air and water to combatting climate change and boosting biodiversity. Saving, planting and advocating for trees in Durham connects people to nature and helps integrate the natural world into our everyday lives. For example, one native oak can host over 200 different types of caterpillars, bringing moths and butterflies into our neighborhoods!

TreesDurham achieves our mission through three main activities:

  1. Organizing and supporting tree planting events. We focus on areas which lack trees, have experienced
    environmental degradation or are where vulnerable people live, learn, play and work.
  2. Providing education and outreach around trees. We particularly focus on building non-traditional allies
    such as people of color, people of faith, schools, community centers, and business. Anyone who will join us in using trees to increase the health, wealth and happiness of our planet.
  3. Advocating for tree friendly actions and policies. We do this through meeting with elected officials,
    providing policy recommendations, and helping resident engage in the democratic process. We believe
    there must be sustained, systematic processes for protecting and planting trees in our community, and this comes from both government and residents

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