The basic concept of Durham Softball is for the teams to compete to earn donations for their sponsor organization. Every sponsor is guaranteed a minimum donation for their participation, but the sponsor will receive a larger donation at the end of the season based on the number of games their team won, where they placed in the standings, and how well they did in the playoffs. Basically, the better the team performs, the more money the team will raise for their sponsored charity.

While the distributions are determined before the season, the actual dollar amount of the donation will vary based on our total player registration. Instead of a flat prize structure, the league will establish a Donation Pool from all additional funds remaining after the league pays its expenses. The size of the Donation Pool will vary based on the number of players, with a larger percentage of each registration fee going towards charity as more players sign up to play softball.

In general, most seasons follow the following basic distribution structure:

  • $1 per run scored by the team goes to that team’s sponsor.
  • $150 to 1st Place in the Regular Season
  • $100 to 2nd Place in the Regular Season
  • $50 to 3rd Place in the Regular Season
  • $50 per Playoff Win
  • $250 to the Championship Playoff Winner
  • $100 to any Consolation Playoff Winners

This amount is subject to change each season, but the general principle remains the same. The more people we can recruit to play softball, the more we can help these great organizations!

Durham Softball