There are a maximum of 16 Roster Spots on each Free Agent team and 20 Roster Spots on each Full Team registration. If one charity does not reach 16 Player Registrations, some Players may be asked to change teams and play for another cause to balance the rosters. This ensures all sponsors are able to field a full team each week to reduce the chance a team might forfeit, so balancing the rosters should make the league more fun for everyone involved. Our goal is to make sure every team has at least 13 Players so we can ignore this entire section of the league setup requirements.

If you have successfully registered for one of the 16 Roster Spots for your preferred sponsor, Team Balancing will never mean you are FORCED to play for another non-profit. Every possible accommodation that can be made, will be made. We believe that all of our sponsors are worthy of your time and donations, so we hope that you wouldn’t mind playing for any of our great organizations if it made the league more fun for everyone involved. All teams will also be required to have at least 5 Female players, so Male registrations may be limited for a particular team if they do not already have at least 5 Females on their team. If we are unable to place you on your preferred team/charity and an alternate charity is not sufficient, a full refund will be granted.

In the event one or more teams fail to receive at least 12 player registrations, the league may contract their team and distribute their team members to other organizations for the season. Players will be asked to change teams in reverse order of their registration, so sign up early to ensure your spot on the team of your choice!

Durham Softball