To make the end-of-season allowance dates a bit more fun, and because we have an awkward holiday placement this calendar year, we’ll be setting up a single-day, single-elimination, All-Star Tournament for a bonus donation prize. Teams will be asked to nominate 6 players (3-4 Males, 2-3 Females) that can participate in the competition, with voting solely within the individual teams.

From 16 Teams in the regular season, these 6-person nominations will be paired together based on league standings to form 8 tournament teams, each with 12 players. These teams will be combined based on the previous season’s standings (eg. #1 & #16 teams combine together, #2 & #15 teams, etc.).

2024 will be the first year we have tried something like this, so the concept is likely to change as we get closer to the date. Ideas tend to get beaten down by reality eventually, but we’ll try to get as close to this concept as we realistically can once we sort out the details!

Durham Softball